A Booksmart exclusive BookFair is an event that brings students, parents and teachers together to motivate independent reading within  your educational community, while providing the school with the resources that will increase your library collection.

Booksmart provides you with the tools to choose the books that are tailored to your students from our database of over 10 million titles in  15 languages.

We provide all the materials for this event, including Promotional Package, a diverse selection of titles of all grades  don’t worry  We´ll take care of everything!

Why will your students love the Booksmart BookFair?

  • The wide selection of the latest titles.
  • Our diversity of genres and nonfiction
  • High interest books for all reading levels.
  • Support from our reading consultants suggest titles that would be of interest to them.
  • Our accessible prices!
  • Pre-orders for upcoming titles yet to be published.

Your Book Fair will be a huge success when we work together to promote the event within your educational

Our commitment is to provide the best material, the best service, the best pricing and commissions are provided to customers with exclusive Booksmart  Books Readers!