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777 great clean jokes: a sparkling collection of unsullied humor

Contains nearly eight hundred clean jokes about animals, church, family, food, love and marriage, senior moments, and other topics.
$ 130.00

The Big-Ass Book Of Crafts 2 (Paperback)

TLC’s While You Were Out top designer Mark Montano’s wildly anticipated follow-up to The Big-Ass Book of Crafts features more than 300 easy and fun crafts, with tips and tricks for quirky projects to make at home. Searching for crafty inspiration? Eager to try some new techniques? Need some more junk for your trunk? Well, look no further! In this cheeky sequel, Mark Montano picks up where his wildly popular The Big-Ass Book of Crafts left off, with even more spectacular—and easy-to-make—projects sure to satisfy crafters of all skill levels. Turn colorful ribbons into a show-stopping scarf . . . transform old cargo pants into a kick-ass carryall . . . a high-drama neckpiece made out of zippers? Absolutely. Along with a host of other wearable wonders, this exciting all-new volume includes sections such as Pillow Talk (fun, comfy, and made from the most surprising materials), Letter Perfect (cool designs to pop into the mailbox nearest you), Hey, I Could Use That (make a big statement with little things from magnets to nail polish), Just Kid-ding (cheery décor made from kid-centric stuff, guaranteed to make you smile!), That’s Shoe Biz (fun fixes that give sidelined footwear and handbags a whole new life), and dozens of other ideas that are inventive, imaginative, and just plain fun. With his trademark humor and no-holds-barred approach to crafting, Mark will have you tapping into your creative soul and taking simple techniques to a whole new level in no time. We’re not talking plant-hangers and potholders here—the more than 150 handmade projects in this truly unique compendium are artistic, eye-catching, and cutting-edge, from cool brooches and earrings to ingenious belts and bags, from Bauhaus-style furniture to fishbowl lanterns, and so much more!
$ 435.00

Close-up magic

Discusses close-up magic with illustrated directions.
$ 280.00

National Geographic Kids: Ultimate Weird but True - 1,000 Wild & Wacky Facts and Photos (hardcover)

Did you know that a great white shark can weigh as much as 15 gorillas, that you drink the same water as the dinosaurs did, or that there’s a car that drives underwater? This supersized, hardcover addition to the blockbuster Weird But True series, Ultimate Weird But True is packed 1,000 amazing facts and eye-popping photos that prove truth really is stranger than fiction. With a colorful, metallic cover, a kid-friendly design, and a wacky sense of humor, this stunning book will give kids a winning combination of smarts and fun. Flip through these boldly-designed pages and you’ll find hundreds of snack-size stories about weird animals, space vacations, wacky inventions, freaky weather, amazing feats, wild extreme sports, and more. You’ll discover: · A real-life Spider-Man man who scales skyscrapers with his bare hands · A fish that plays soccer · A $150,000 diamond-studded cupcake · A man who makes himself invisible · An upside-down house · A hotel shaped like a giant beagle · Tornadoes of fire · A mouse that hitched a ride on a frog’s back · A dog that can read · A motorcycle shaped like hamburger · A 13-foot-tall pink poodle · Millions of red crabs · A white alligator · A robot that can do your grocery shopping, and much more… · Plus, cool illustrations, and "Ultimate Secret Revealed" features that explain the strange truth behind the most mind-bending facts, such as how it’s possible to convert peanut butter into a diamond and how frogs can fall from the sky
$ 435.00

Magic eye III visions : a new dimension in art 3D illusions

Computer-generated 3D picture puzzles challenge viewers to find the images within images.
$ 230.00

128 Beats Per Minute : Diplo's visual guide to music, culture, and everything in between

Known internationally as a curator and influencer amongst the world’s top DJs, producers, and artists, Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, is at the nexus of music, fashion, and cultural trends. His record label Mad Decent has helped bring Brazilian baile funk, Angolan Kuduro, and other unknown music to clubs around the world, while his work as a producer has brought a unique sound to hits like M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” and Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls).”
$ 430.00

Where's Waldo? : the search for the lost things

Contains doodles, mazes, word puzzles, and other activities featuring Waldo in a variety of scenes from around the world.
$ 200.00

Where's Waldo? : the great picture hunt!

Waldo is off on the Great Picture Hunt, and the reader must locate various subjects within 30 enormous portraits.
$ 150.00

Where's Waldo? : the complete collection

Challenges the reader to find Waldo within crowded illustrations as he hikes around the world, travels through time, searches for lost objects, embarks on the Great Picture hunt, and more.
$ 800.00
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